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baker furniture company

baker furniture company - Rustic Baker's

Rustic Baker's Rack

Rustic Baker's Rack

Got things that have no place of their own? Need a place to display some treasured plates or other collections? Why not choose a distinctive room accessory like this rustic baker?s rack? The generously sized wooden shelves are ideal for plants, knickknacks, or even kitchen appliances like your blender, coffeepot and juicer. And that graceful metal design is an ideal counterpoint to almost any decorating theme or color. If you like the elegant simplicity of its design, you?ll also want to take advantage of the matching rustic corner baker?s rack. Metal, wood. 23 3/8 x 12 ? x 49 inches high.

85% (12)

1953 Fuldamobil N-2

1953 Fuldamobil N-2

The amusingly rotund Fuldamobil qualifies as probably the longest-built microcar. However, in its near-twenty year production run, a mere three thousand examples were built. Nor was the production of small vehicles a prime focus for the company, which produced electrical devices, and was a distributor for Bosch.

Immediately after the war, director Carl Schmitt employed freelance designer Norbert Stevenson to design his concept for a microcar. The earliest prototypes, with their flat angular shapes were not unlike miniature trailer caravans, but were built on heavy tube frames featuring technically interesting center point steering. A glider company made the heavy, solid body work of wood. These Type N models were covered in vinyl and utilized a Baker & Polling chainsaw motor.

The search for a more suitable motor continued, and the Fichtel & Sachs 360cc stationary engine enabled the new Type N-2 to finally hit 80 kph. The wooden body work was now covered with a distinctive hammered aluminum sheet, prompting the nickname "Silver Flea". A smooth aluminum painted finish was also available. The heavy, well-detailed body work, similar to good furniture construction with thick, sliding glass windows, was very labour intensive. The nickname, soft ride, and roomy cabin brought market success, and designer Norbert Stevenson set about reducing the extensive hand-fabrication costs. This he achieved with the S-series, which utilized a large, bulbous, aluminum body shell.

Reproduction display cabinet

Reproduction display cabinet

Made of Mahogany veneers and solids. This Chinese Chippendale inspired display case is detailed with wonderful swag carvings, three geometric shaped molded doors, and a pierced base accented with a large shell carving . Done in high Irish fashion, this piece was reproduced from a manor house on the out skirts of Dublin.
Circa 1765. Baker Furniture Company Holland MI.

baker furniture company

baker furniture company

Fine Furniture Reproductions: 18th Century Revivals of the 1930s & 1940s from Baker Furniture, With Current Values

In 1940, the Baker Furniture Company of Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan published a rich catalog of their fine, hand-finished 18th century reproduction furniture. It was filled with examples of their craft and with information about the sources of their designs. For the furniture designs in this catalog, whose images are basis of this new edition, Baker Furniture drew upon private collections, museums, and antiques dealers. In addition, they used vast company collection of 18th century furniture of Europe and America, collected by Hollis S. Baker, the son of the founder, Siebe Baker. The results are beautiful and are much sought after today. This new edition has illustrations of over 600 reproductions, with important information about dimensions, materials, and the provenance of the design. In addition there is a guide to the current market values.

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