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hospital furniture supply - TrippNT 51007

TrippNT 51007 High Density Polyethylene/ABS Core DX Multi Tasking Storage Lab Cart with 3" Rubber Casters, 174lbs Capacity, 23" W x 34.5" H x 17.5" D, 6 Shelves

TrippNT 51007 High Density Polyethylene/ABS Core DX Multi Tasking Storage Lab Cart with 3" Rubber Casters, 174lbs Capacity, 23" W x 34.5" H x 17.5" D, 6 Shelves

TrippNT's Core DX Lab Cart offers an efficient way to sort, store, organize, lock and transport a wide variety of supplies with drawers, shelves and bulk storage features. Constructed from tough, non-reactive high density polyethylene and ABS this lab cart glides smoothly across most surfaces on its four 3 inch non-marking rubber casters. The small footprint Core DX allows it to be stored securely and unobtrusively out of the way. The Core DX features three full extension drawers and six side compartments and two with dispensing slots. A large bulk storage area with a locking sliding, clear, PETG door secures supplies. 23 x 34.5 x 17.5 inches (width height depth); carries up to three times its weight of 58 pounds of lab supplies in drawers, shelves, dispensers, holders and bulk storage.

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Two of TSF College Gradutes, Soun Sokret and Hong Ratha

These are TSF's first college grads! Eight years ago, Seiha, Sarem, Ratha, Darien, Makara, Sokret, Sowat and Naveth would have said that graduating from college was impossible. Thanks to TSF scholarships to Universities in Phnom Penh, on top of their four previous of sponsored high school, they make a better live for themselves and their families. These young people are the sons and daughters of farmers, not one of whom had a parent or relative who had graduated from high school!


Eight years ago, Seiha, Sarem, Ratha, Darien, Makara, Sokret, Sowat and Naveth would have said this day could never possibly happen, but on Thursday, August 13 we all celebrated their finishing four years at Universities in Phnom Penh on TSF scholarships, on top of their four previous years of sponsored high school!
We invited the oldest citizens of the village, the parents of the graduating class, and all the current college and high school students to the front apron of the TSF-built One World School in Roteang Village for the ceremony The graduation event began with the singing of the Cambodian National anthem and flag raising. Nancy commended the students and the parents for the incredible success of the graduates, who had worked so hard for four years in the city, removed from contributing to their families’ farms in the countryside. Elephant congratulated the group with his usual gusto, then both the village chief, and the school principal spoke of the great pride of the village.
The parents and students were all standing in the very hot sun, and Nancy was really concerned, but they did not seem to be, as two representative seniors, Seiha and Sokret, recapped the remarkable history of this group, the first students from Roteang Village ever to achieve college degrees. On behalf of the TSF Board, Nancy also thanked Elephant and Sary, Head of the English program, who had shepherded this pioneering eight through, at times a frightening journey, as they moved from the countryside to city living.
Each student then came forward individually with a parent or parents to receive an embossed portfolio from the TSF Board, and an impressive certificate, made by volunteer Bob Luoma in Massachusetts. As the crowd responded to each graduate’s appearance with applause and cheering joy was palpable.
TSF first met these students when they enrolled in our English school, along with about 450 other youngsters back in Junior High school, under Mam Sary’s strict eye. They did well enough then to be selected for sponsorship to High School at Jayavarman VII, where financial support and encouraging and news-filled letters from TSF sponsors kept them working hard for four years in special “private classes.”
The group again narrowed at the end of High School when the students had to pass the National High School graduation exam, and score medium level or higher in English when tested at the Australia Center for Education [ACE] in Phnom Penh.
In the fall of 2005, with the help of an educational consultant, we “interviewed “ multiple Universities in Phnom Penh, to fit fields of interest to our students. Elephant found a three-story large house to rent as a dorm, and outfitted it with needed furniture, lights and kitchen supplies, and secured a bicycle for each student. In October four years ago, ten scared countryside kids, sons and daughters of farmers, not one of whom had a parent or relative who had graduated from high school, moved into the city.
First up was a one-week “city living skills course” taught at a local French N.G.O. It emphasized scam avoidance, sex education, relationships, and personal protection. TSF ground rules were posted in the dorm, where the first year, the boys and girls lived together. [ With so many more college students, we now have two “dorms”, one male, and one female.]
Our graduates have had full sponsorships for four years- Room, board, books, uniforms, three dorm computers with internet access, a bike each, field trips as required, and a small allowance of 5-10 dollars per month, according to need. We have insisted that all the students also continue their English language learning –the key to most good jobs- by going to the Australia Center for Education [ACE] where, despite some helpful scholarships, TSF committed a lot of funds. Thanks to their faithful sponsors back in the USA, who have nearly all helped massively support “their” students financially for eight years, and continued to write to them as well, most students survived. The average cost of each year’s college education has been $1600/student.
One very bright girl dropped out after year one, at the insistence of her mother that she get married and start a family; we instigated pre-enrollment parent meetings after that, discussing the program, and asking parents not to let their child go off to college at all unless they would allow them to go all the way thr



We had to go to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for our bathroom renovation. As we were driving to the store we were taking our normal route- but for some reason I was noticing the abundance of stores that were on the way. I’ve never really thought about just how many stores we have access to and how close they actually are to us. We are such a blessed nation to have everything we could ever want or need -at our fingertips! Think about it-- there is a store for literally everything! We have stores for shoes, coats, pets, computers, mattresses, purses, pregnant ladies (maternity), flowers, men, cars, perfume, board games, gardening stuff, jewelry, toiletries, cell phones, books, movies, puzzles, guitars, music, furniture, coffee, hardware, luggage, carpet, toys, printing, art, tuxedos, make-up …. And the list goes on and on…. Not to mention the luxuries of hospitals (for people and animals!!), hotels, grocery stores, theaters, galleries, airports, clubs, restaurants, etc.
Now I do understand that everyone may not have money to buy or go to these places, but the fact that they are readily available to a majority of people in a 10 mile radius is astounding.
I think of those starving people in third world counties and feel for them. If our stomach growls we just hop in the car and drive over to taco-bell (which I wouldn’t recommend by the way) or to the grocery store for something to eat. We don’t even have to think twice about it—nor do we ever go to bed with an empty stomach.
With the conveniences of today’s world, it’s easy to take for granted the things we do have access to.
And today, I’m thankful for drywall from Home Depot .

hospital furniture supply

hospital furniture supply

TrippNT 50100 High Density Polyethylene Lockable Narrow Lab Cart with Casters, 12" W x 35" H x 16.5" D, 6 Drawers

TrippNT's Locking Roll Top Cart is constructed from durable, half inch, resistant high density polyethylene and is designed for those who need a narrow, lockable cart with removable storage. It features 6 sturdy, removable, 1 compartment ABS drawers. The integrated lock with two included keys keeps the tambour door securely locked in place until the lock is disengaged allowing the door to roll up and into the cart. Inside TrippNT's Locking Roll Top Cart features four 3 inch casters and moves smoothly by pushing or pulling with the handle cutaway in its top. 12 x 35 x 16.5 inches (width height depth); 45 pounds

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